About us


Our site (fitnesssolutionstips.com) is about  physical fitness, fitness solutions and tips for fitness solutions. Our site is an Amazon Affiliate website, we give  an authentic and unbiased reviews for top fitness products to save your time for any fitness product. 

Idea behind this website

One day I decided to purchase an Exercise Bike, and search for the best bikes through out the day and can’ decide on first day as I found lot of results but can’t decide due to too many options. On 2nd day , I again turned on my  Laptop early in the morning and hardly did a breakfast during this session, believe me I was still confuse to decide for the best one. However on 2nd day I made a list of best choices and finally prepared a list of 20 best exercise bikes. 

On the 3rd day, I again reviewed the final list of 20 best bikes. It took me whole the day to decide the final one. Finally after a hard work I got the final decision and ordered for that and wait for the delivery. After two days of order I got a mail from the seller that this bike in not available in our stock and you may choose from our other available models. I was so disappointed and mail them for refund and got the refund after 20 days of consecutive 7 mails. 

I discus this happening with my nephew , he was working on freelance for the last 3 years, he gave me an idea to built a reviews website on fitness products so that you may share your experience and guide people who have no enough time to search around the net for the best product.

Why this Niche?

Research shows that there are serious physical and mental health problems all over the world and all is due to lake of physical exercise.

The main reason is that all are too busy and away from physical games and activity. Physical games activity has been almost vanished. That why I’m going to tell you the Fitness Solutions to over come all these problems.

My First Post

My fist post was also on Best Indoor Exercise Bikes Reviews 2018 


I always says that:

“Each person has its own choice and one’s choice may differ from others”
“When someone search for any product, he got thousands of results and can’t decide what is best and suitable for him when he has a lot of options in the market.

It is very difficult job to find best and reliable products. Here we gives you the unbiased and authentic reviews for the top 10 products based on brand, size, design, style, nature, advantage and dis-advantage for each category.”