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Written by Sonia Naz

In this article, we will discuss and compare the Fitbit Versa vs Ionic. To be honest, I personally use Fitbit Versa and 100% satisfied.  I have already written a detailed review on Fitbit Versa Smartwatch, where I have recommended this watch due to its sleek and stylish design and extraordinary functions. Click here to see detail review of Fitbit Versa Smartwatch.

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Fitbit Versa vs Ionic



Design & Style Difference

As you see above picture, the main difference between these two is their design and style. Fitbit Versa is like conventional style watch. On the other hand, the Ionic smartwatch is flat like flat smart Tv, which looks upward.

However, it depends on each person’s choice. I always say” Each person have its own choice and one’s choice may differ from others”

GPS Difference

When we discuss Fitbit Versa vs Ionic, The main difference between the two is GPS.  Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch has built-in GPS function and you don’t need your cell phone with you during outdoor activity to track real-time place and time tracking. On the other hand, Fitbit Versa has no built-in GPS system, but have connectivity ability through your cell phone GPS. It means you will have to need a cell phone with you during your outdoor activity to record.

Price Difference

Fitbit Ionic is the first smartwatch introduced by the Fitbit company and its price on the launch time was $299. Fitbit Versa is the latest release of the company with a reasonable and affordable price.

Accessories Accessibility

When we compare Fitbit Versa vs Ionic, Fitbit Versa comes with too many different cases, buckles, and bands colors & styles. Click here to see detail. On the other hand, the Fitbit Ionic has limited options.

All other functions like Bluetooth connectivity, Apps sync, fitness tracking, water resistance, battery timing are almost the same.

Here is the brief comparison of these two watches:

Fitbit Versa vs Ionic

Some people also compare Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch, But Apple Smartwatches have no comparison with the Fitbit Smart Watches due to too many reasons. I’ll write an article on this topic in near future. However, you may compare Fitbit Versa vs Charge 3.



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